Photon-Genius Helps Friend With Cancer

Lori Phillips, RN shares how Skilling Institute’s Photon-Genius has helped her friend dealing with skin cancer and cancer in the lymph system. Her friend’s cancer has continued to reduce since she began using the Photon-Genius and has helped heal her skin where she had surgery.

Certified Olympic Chiropractor Dr. Allen Harrison Loves Photon-Genius

Dr. Allen Harrison, a Certified Olympic Chiropractor, shares he used the Photon-Genius to clear skin issues and loves it better than any other heat therapy. He shares that the Photon-Genius helps with mobility, joints, detoxification, etc.

Dr. Harrison shares that the Photon-Genius has worked really well for clearing his skin issues and also has worked well for his clients dealing with fungus in finger nail beds. The fungus was completely cleared. Also he has clients that have had their Varicose veins completely go away.

He shares the Photon-Genius alternative therapy is more relaxing than a massage and a couple glasses of wine.

Photon Genius Revitalization and Pain Relief for Carmen

Carmen shares she was dealing with pain in her legs and was diagnosed with sciatica. After trying everything, she began using the Photon-Genius, energy sauna and the very next day she felt no pain and improved energy.

Bio-Electrical Impacts Underestimated

Dr. Hayle Adren, M.D., M.D.(H)

Dr. Aldren shares in this video how we generally underestimate the impact of electromagnetic pollution on our health and the importance of “healthy” electromagnetic nutrients needed to function properly, like the Photon-Genius.

Cells Are Electrical; Entire Systems of Body are Electrical
He discusses that our cells are electrical and generally cancer cells are depoloarized. Technology like the Photon-Genius provides bioelectric energy that the body requires to function properly and removes effects of electromagnetic pollution.

Immune System Powered Up; Gives Life

Healthy And Want To Stay Healthy With Strong Immune System

Martha shares that she is using the Photon-Genius for overall health maintenance and prevention to keep immune system strong. She shares that she is healthy and wants to stay healthy.

Photon-Genius Gives “Life”

People using it share that they feel better and not getting as sick. The Photon-Genius powers up the immune system.

Weight Management

The Photon-Genius helps with weight management and also helps reduce cellulite.

Pain Meds Down; Will Continue Using Photon-Genius

Pain Meds Down

In this video, a woman who has been using the Photon-Genius shares that she has been able to reduce her pain medication and she doesn’t have pain.

Inflammation Reduced

She also doesn’t have night sweats any more. She says her inflammation level has gone down and that she’s “pretty happy” and will continue using the Photon-Genius.

Cholesterol Down; Not Diabetic; Blood Pressure Good

She says other benefits have been that her cholesterol is down. She was border line diabetic and now isn’t. Also, now her blood pressure is very good.

Desse, A Cancer Patient Recommends Photon-Genius

Desse, A Cancer Patient Recommends Photon-Genius; Gives Her Energy; Encouraging

Desse is almost 93 years old. She has cancer in her lymph nodes and she shares how the Photon-Genius gives her energy.

Not Sick and No Chemo

She says she’s not sick, she doesn’t hurt and she feels fine. She’s not taking chemo therapy and her doctor doesn’t see any need for her to do anything other than Photon-Genius sessions.

Feels So Much Better
Desse really noticed the difference after she had been away on vacation. She shares that she feels so much better when she does a Photon-Genius session. The Photon-Genius also relieves her joints; “they aren’t as stiff.”

Cancer Is Shrinking

Dessee shares that her cancer is shrinking. She says to people that have cancer, “I would definitely recommend using the Photon-Genius.” She says it is “encouraging.”

Pain Relief for Arthritis and Cancer

Pain Relief for Arthritis and Cancer

This video shares examples of the Photon-Genius and significant pain relief for arthritis and pain relief for cancer.

In this video, Lori Phillips, a Registered Nurse (RN) shares about the Photon-Genius. Lori has over thirty years of experience and has worked with many cancer patients. She now offers Photon-Genius sessions as an effective alternative therapy in order to offer more than treating symptoms.

The Photon-Genius energy sauna combines hyperthermia or heat therapy (more infrared energy than any sauna in the world) and energy medicine (Ed Skilling electro-medicine).

Lori shares that she has all ages for Photon-Genius sessions. She has a little eight year old girl with neck and face cancer that really liked it. Lori shared it as a “space ship with lights.”

In addition, Lori discovers from the little girl’s father that he is dealing with early onset of arthritis when he calls the next morning after holding his little girl in the Photon-Genius and reports that he is able to do things without pain that he normally is unable to do. He experiences significant pain relief.

Lori also shares about a cancer patient (breast cancer) that requires pain medication in an IV every two hours. After just a few Photon-Genius sessions, she is able to reduce the pain medication in her IV and is able to walk by herself. After five Photon-Genius sessions, she is completely off the pain medication and experiences significant pain relief.

Out of Hospice Back to Life

Dr. Tom shares that they had a patient under hospice care that was also on morphine for pain. The patient used the Photon-Genius two hours a day; one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon by sitting in front of it. After using the Genius for fourteen days, seven days a week, he went back to work.

Photon-Genius & Diabetes

Dr. Tom shares about his son who is diabetic. His son had a virus that attacked his pancreas at age 13. They used nutrients and made some progress and then the virus came back worse. His son is now 18 and is insulin diabetic, considered “brittle diabetic.”

Dr. Tom shares that his son experiences swings in his blood sugar, both from eating which causes it to shoot high and from sports which can cause it to drop. His son uses the Photon-Genius to help normalize and smooth out these swings and experiences significant relief from using the Photon-Genius.